Flooring ABC

Wooden floors give interiors a cozy and natural character. Different types of wood not only differ in appearance but also in physical properties. Our floors are made of either three-layer or solid planks. They can be laid in a traditional or herringbone pattern. We offer a choice of over 150 variations, from classic natural tones to stained, aged, and burnt finishes.

This floor does not require any impregnation before the summer and winter seasons.

In conditions of intensive use of the floors, it is possible to apply an additional layer of oil-wax during use. A three-layer plank subjected to brushing and the application of oil-wax is even more durable than an unbrushed board, because during brushing, all soft elements of the upper layer of wood are removed, which strengthens its resistance to scratches and mechanical damage, while creating a unique and natural structure of the floor.

Three-layer boards are highly durabile.

The advantage of a three-layer board 

The ability to use on floor heating, which in combination with our oil coats, which we use on the top layer of the board, allows for many years of comfort in using such a floor.